TerraTherm’s Optimized ERH Remediation

May 11, 2021

ERH Remediation Site

Safe, reliable, and effective technology to treat your site – TerraTherm’s Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) remediation systems are specially engineered and designed to safely address a wide range of conditions that may be present at your site, including working in, around, and beneath buildings and infrastructure. We have received multiple EBJ Project Merit Awards for project performance, including one for a complex ERH project in the Midwest and have recently undertaken an extensive R&D effort to optimize the design of our ERH equipment. In all, we have safely and successfully performed 55 ERH projects around the world, treating a wide range of COCs.

Our team of experienced electrical engineers and ERH practitioners are ready to meet the challenges of your site. Our team brings a fundamental understanding of the electrodynamics of efficient and safe application of three-phase ERH for heating the subsurface, to every aspect of the design, construction, and operation of your ERH Remediation project.  Contact us today to learn more!