TerraTherm is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of thermal remediation services of organic contaminants in subsurface source zones and aboveground piles. We advise on, design, build, and operate thermal remediation projects from concept to closure.

We offer the broadest array of thermal remediation services and technologies in the industry, allowing us to tailor project designs to specific site conditions, using the optimal combination of methods, without bias towards any single technology or approach.

TerraTherm partners with leading engineering firms, government agencies, corporations, and property owners in flexible, cooperative relationships to achieve cleanup goals. Our expertise, broad set of proven technologies, and seasoned staff combine to provide the most effective cleanup available for a broad array of contaminants within all soil types and site conditions.

We deliver a high return on investment, dramatically increase property value, and minimize liability. Our projects are neighborhood-friendly, producing minimal noise, dust, and disruption. They achieve complete results within predictable time frames, enable final site closure, optimize property value, and eliminate the risks of liability and long-term threats from contaminants.

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