Improve Your Project Experience and Peace of Mind

We do not play dice with your project’s performance goals and our designs and costs. That is why we provide guaranteed remediation. Where others provide low bids and minimal designs and see contracts as negotiable, we take your project specifications and contractual obligations seriously and prepare our estimates and designs with every intention of delivering on every commitment we sign up for in every contract.

Your project deserves the correct design and an honest price to ensure the project performance you require is delivered with the least headaches, on time, and within budget.

It is not our style to enter into a contract and start a project knowing that there is significant risk of underperformance, cost increases, or project delays beginning on day one.

All our projects come with a guaranteed remediation approach. Our people and equipment perform as intended and designed. If our equipment does not meet the performance specifications, we will repair and/or replace it at our cost.

In addition, most of our projects also include specific performance goals related to:

  • Safety
  • Temperature targets
  • Uptime operational goals
  • Schedule milestones
  • Soil and/or groundwater remedial goals

Your project goals are in safe hands with us, we are comfortable and confident that our designs, technologies, and teams will deliver the performance you require at your site.

This is nothing new, we have been guaranteeing the performance of thermal remediation projects just like yours and delivering successful outcomes for clients like you since the very beginning.

Your project is important to you and successful completion is a positive outcome for all stakeholders. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in meeting your remediation challenge with confidence and peace of mind.

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We do not play dice with your project’s performance goals and our designs and costs.

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Jim Galligan, PE

Senior Vice President, Thermal

Jim Galligan has over 30 years’ experience with in situ and ex situ remediation system design, installation, operation, and troubleshooting, including over 23 years of experience implementing ISTR remedial systems with TerraTherm, having joined the company just after its founding in 2000. Jim was involved in early testing and developments of TerraTherm’s TCH heaters and…

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Devon Phelan

Vice President of Projects

Ms. Devon Phelan has nearly two decades of project management experience with TerraTherm and has successfully completed in situ thermal remediation (ISTR) projects across the United States. Ms. Phelan possesses a wide array of thermal remediation project experience at active and inactive Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)…

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