TCH High Temperature

Why Use TerraTherm's High Temperature TCH Technology?

  • TCH is the only technology that can heat soil to temperatures greater than 100°C (e.g., 150 to 350°C) for treatment of high boiling point contaminants such as PCBs, PAHs, Dioxins, PFAS, and even mercury. ERH and SEE cannot achieve these temperatures or effectively treat these compounds.
  • When experience and reliability matter to you, TerraTherm is the preferred choice. We are the only thermal vendor to have successfully implemented 19 high-temperature TCH projects for a variety of high boiling point contaminants such as PCBs, dioxins, PAHs, TPH, and MGP waste.
  • Tackle challenging sites with confidence. Along the way, we have perfected the technology for safely heating soils to high-temperatures and for extracting and treating the targeted contaminants. This gives our clients the confidence that our high temperature designs will meet project expectations for safety, schedule, performance, and cost.
  • Not willing to gamble with safety? Our heating system and components are the first and only electrically powered TCH equipment to meet the requirements for compliance with UL499 and UL1030, exhibiting the highest standard of care for electrical safety within our industry.


How it Works

  • To achieve temperatures greater than 100°C, any water present in the soil must be first removed/boiled off.
  • Sites that extend below the water table must include some provisions for isolating the treatment zone and controlling groundwater influx.
  • High-temperature TCH can be performed both in situ or in specially engineered above-grade soil piles. The use of TCH to heat and treat soil piles is also known as In Pile Thermal Desorption (IPTD®), one of TerraTherm’s patented technologies.
  • With the application of higher temperatures (>>100°C) for treatment of SVOCs, a significant fraction of the contaminant mass may be destroyed in the soil before reaching the surface. This substantially reduces the loading and size of the treatment system.
  • Contaminants that have not been destroyed in situ are removed from the heated soil in the vapor phase through vacuum extraction wells and subsequently treated to appropriate emission standards in the treatment system.

TCH High Temperature Applicability

High temp applicability

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Vice President of Development

John LaChance is the Vice President of Development at TerraTherm. In his 30+ year career in the remediation industry, he has worked on a range of project sites, including chemical manufacturing plants, gas stations, oil refineries, railroads, former MGP sites, solvent recycling facilities, grain and feed storage centers, and landfills. Most of these sites have…

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Steffen Griepke

Vice President of Technology

Steffen Griepke is the Vice President of Technology at TerraTherm. In this role, he helps clients determine if a thermal remedy would work on their project site and, if so, which thermal technology or combination of technologies would be the most cost-effective. He then leads the design of the remedy and guides its implementation, operation,…

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