John Leung Senior Engineer

John Leung is a Senior Engineer at TerraTherm, providing engineering support to projects, field operations, and technology development. He brings more than 25 years of process design, systems engineering, and sales support expertise in environmental technologies to the team.

Previously, John was an Applications Manager at Belco Technologies Inc., a DuPont Clean Technologies company, where he was responsible for air pollution control projects mainly in Asia, including new build installations and site revamps. He pursued business development in the oil refining and power industries, including bid/no-bid determinations, pricing, proposal development, front-end engineering, engineering sales support, and technology partnering.

He has designed and engineered various proprietary process technologies, including the Lummus/UOP SMART® styrene monomer technology, BOC carbon molecular sieve PSA and VSA, Belco EDV® refinery wet gas scrubbing technology, Belco LABSORBTM regenerative scrubbing technology, and many others.


Responsibilities: Equipment, Process Design

John Leung