Hillary Easter Chemist

Hillary Easter is one of our chemists and is managing sampling logistics and laboratory analytical data for several thermal remediation projects. Hillary is also serving as a Data Manager on several thermal projects and oversees the operational data and mass energy balance associated with thermal remediation projects.
Before joining TerraTherm in 2018, Hillary worked for seven years as an analytical chemist and lab quality assurance (QA) manager for a high resolution site characterization (HRSC) mobile laboratory. As a mobile lab chemist, Hillary had the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally to a wide variety of sites including former dry cleaning facilities, Superfund sites, chemical manufacturing plants, as well as chemical storage facilities. She often draws on her years working both in the field and as a QA manager with a HRSC mobile lab in her role as a data manager and chemist with TerraTherm. In her spare time, Hillary teaches Organic Chemistry laboratory to students at a small state university in Vermont. She often uses her knowledge base in thermal remediation and analytical chemistry to inspire her students and encourage them that what they are learning in the classroom may very much apply later on in their professional careers.

Email: heaster@cascade-env.com

Responsibilities: Chemicals, Lab Tests, Treatability Studies, Data Management

Hillary Easter