Dennis Minnich Senior System Operator

Dennis Minnich is one of TerraTherm’s lead operators. Dennis has experience with operation of all three thermal technologies (TCH, ERH and SEE) across the country. As the lead operator, Dennis oversees all daily activities to ensure the thermal systems are running smoothly at a site, including but not limited to routine maintenance, operational adjustments in order to optimize operation, and training of less experienced team members. He works closely with the assigned Project Manager and the Engineering team to ensure the project is being implemented in the safest and most effective way.
Having worked in the environmental industry for over 18 years Dennis’ experience includes environmental drilling, component repair at explosive plants, and plant decommissioning in Level A. He also functioned as the interim Site Manager for a thermal enhanced extraction project at a southwest Air Force Base where he was responsible for all site operations, 24/7.


Responsibilities: Operation, Operations Oversight, Routine Maintenance, Troubleshooting