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What is Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) and How is it Applied?

Originally broadcast on Mar 01, 2023

Although Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) may not be the most common thermal remediation technology, it is the go-to approach for heating and treating sites with high permeability and groundwater flux. Did you know it’s also the most cost-effective way to input energy into the subsurface?

In this 30-min webinar, two thermal remediation experts will give you an overview of SEE. You will learn:

  • How SEE works,
  • What geologic conditions it is best suited for,
  • Design considerations to ensure a successful SEE project,
  • SEE sweet spots, and
  • Examples of SEE projects.

VP of Technology, Steffen Griepke and Senior Project Engineer, Nikole Huard, will answer your questions about using SEE to remediate sites.