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Thermal Remediation of PFAS: Is It the Future of Contaminated Soil?

Originally broadcast on Mar 27, 2024

Heating Up the Fight Against PFAS: Great strides have been made in using Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) to clean up soil contaminated with Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS). This webinar dives deep into the latest research, exploring burning questions for environmental consultants, engineers, and scientists:

  • Can TCH effectively destroy PFAS at real-world sites?
  • Are regulators on board with this innovative approach?
  • What does a full-scale PFAS remediation project using TCH entail?

Join us for an engaging discussion led by John LaChance, Vice President of Development at TerraTherm. Over the past 20 years, John has become a leading expert in thermal remediation technologies, including TCH. He helps clients select the right technology to effectively and efficiently remediate their sites, meet regulations, and ultimately enable property reuse. With over 50 successful in situ thermal remediation projects, John brings a wealth of technical and strategic insight to the thermal remediation field.

In this webinar, John will share:

  • Proven results: Explore research findings from bench-scale testing, demonstrating the effectiveness of TCH in destroying PFAS.
  • From lab to land: Learn how TCH systems are designed and deployed for real-world soil treatment, including details on vapor and liquid treatment methods.
  • Monitoring made easy: Discover how extracted and produced vapors are tracked to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Verifying success: Uncover the latest soil and vapor sampling and analytical techniques to confirm complete PFAS removal, including precursor compounds.
  • Market momentum: Is the industry ready to embrace thermal remediation for PFAS? We’ll discuss the current landscape and what’s needed to move forward.

Don’t miss this informative session! We’ll conclude with a dedicated Q&A to answer your burning questions about the future of thermal remediation for PFAS-contaminated soil.