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Thermal Remediation of High Mass Hydrocarbon Sites: When NAPL Capture Governs the Mass Recovery

Originally broadcast on Sep 23, 2020

On sites with contaminant masses counted in the hundred-thousand to million pound range, it’s imperative you choose the right technology for your remedy.

Thermal Technologies are widely used to target high mass contaminated sites where non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) are known to be present. While the geology and hydrogeology of a site typically is a driving factor for technology selection, the mass distribution, chemical composition and thermal behavior for the site contaminants are often the key drivers in determining in which phase the mass is mobilized, and thus the extraction strategy. For VOCs, mobilization in the vapor phase typically fully governs the mass removal. However, for more complex mixtures of high boiling point hydrocarbons, that may not be the case.

In this webinar, Technology Director Steffen Griepke explains what to consider when selecting and designing your thermal remedy for optimized mass removal. He shares best practices and examples drawn from the two decades he worked in thermal remediation.