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The Importance of Good Data in The Design and Assessment of ISTR

Originally broadcast on Sep 13, 2022

Selection of the right In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) technology for a site and design of an effective system starts with a good Conceptual Site Model (CSM).  Presented by Vice President of Development, John LaChance and Vice President of Technology, Steffen Griepke, this informative webinar will cover the specific data needs for evaluation, technology selection, and design of appropriate ISTR systems for sites and will offer some insights as to the how data gaps can adversely affect performance and costs.

Once a system is designed and constructed, then the fun really begins!  Thermal sites move fast relative to other remedies, and having a good understanding of what data are key to track and what questions to ask are paramount to ensuring success.  All of this will be covered in detail in the webinar.  There will also be time at the end to address your questions. So, bring your popcorn, curiosity, and questions!