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The Fate of PFAS During Thermal Remediation

Originally broadcast on Jun 14, 2023

Is it possible to remediate PFAS contaminants? Our research and experience indicate that it is indeed possible using high-temperature thermal remediation, although there are important factors to consider  to ensure complete removal and treatment of not only target PFAS but also non-target PFAS such as precursors. In this webinar, we dive into the science of using thermal remediation to treat soil contaminated with PFAS and explore the use of our proven high-temperature thermal remediation technology, where soil temperatures ranging from 350 to 500 degrees Celsius are maintained to achieve stringent cleanup levels. Through our research, which we will share during the webinar, we were able to close the fluorine mass balance and determine the fate of the PFAS compounds during thermal treatment.  This allowed us to assess the effectiveness of high-temperature thermal remediation on the removal of PFAS from soil and to design appropriate off-gas treatment systems to ensure that the potential to emit both target and non-target PFAS, including fluorinated hydrocarbons like CF4 and other significant greenhouse gasses, are appropriately managed.

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