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ISTR in Fractured Bedrock

Originally broadcast on Jul 12, 2022

Treating fractured bedrock is complex, and effective remedial options are limited. Due to the fractured nature of rock, contamination can migrate deep, and pathways out of the bedrock system are limited.

Using thermal technologies is one of the most effective and reliable methods of treating fractured bedrock.

In this flash webinar, presenters Steffen Griepke and John LaChance, (VPs of Technology and Development, respectively) discuss the treatment of bedrock source zones, including:

  • The challenges of removing CVOCs and DNAPL from fractured rock
  • The pros and cons of the most common thermal treatment technologies in bedrock settings
  • Design considerations and field implementation challenges

This recorded webinar will include examples and results from bedrock sites successfully remediated using thermal. Steffen and John will also share highlights from a completed project—the world’s deepest thermal remediation project in crystalline rock, treated to a total depth of 170 ft.

If you are involved in the evaluation or remediation of any bedrock sites, this is a webinar you want to watch.