Project: TCH Brownfield Redevelopment: Treatment of Three Separate Areas at a Brownfield Site


Syracuse, New York




16,210 cy


Remove DANPL, and reduce PCE to less than 5.6mg/kg and TCE to less than 2.8mg/kg, respectively

Number of Heaters


Mass Removed

86,000 lbs.


Important Project Details

Approach: TCH heaters were installed to depths between 23 and 30 ft bgs to heat the target treatment zone (TTZ) to 100°C.
25 Horizontal vapor extraction
wells (HVEWs) were installed beneath an insulated vapor cover to ensure pneumatic control and effective extraction of steam and COC vapors above the shallow water table.

Challenges: Moderate to high groundwater velocities within the fill and underlying marl required installation of a sheet pile cutoff wall.

Results: The performance of the thermal remedy was documented
by the collection of samples from
51 locations. All areas met the cleanup standards after thermal treatment. The site is redeveloped and the location of a large
home-improvement store and
a federal credit union.

What Makes this Project Unique

A heavily contaminated Brownfields site in in Central New York was remediated and redeveloped using a combination of thermal conduction heating (TCH) for DNAPL source removal and Monitored Natural Attenuation for polishing. Removal of the source area
allowed rapid redevelopment of the property into valuable commercial properties.

Contact Info

Steffen Griepke

Phone: 978-394-9629