Project: Simultaneous Treatment of Eight Source Zones


Memphis, TN


Mix of CVOCs


49,800 cy


Reduce CVOC concentration to 1 mg/kg

Number of Heaters


Mass Removed

12,500 lbs.


Important Project Details

Approach: Energy was delivered through the thermal conduction heater borings and vapors were extracted from 68 vertical vacuum wells. A vapor extraction and capture system, including a surface cover and vertical vacuum wells next to heater borings, provided for effective pneumatic control and capture the CVOC vapors. A central treatment system, based on condensation and granular activated carbon filtration, was used to treat the vapors.

Results: Post-treatment soil sampling results showed that the remedial goals were achieved in all 8 treatment areas. Soil concentrations of all contaminants were reduced from over 1,000 mg/kg (indicating the presence of DNAPL) to below 1 mg/ kg in all samples.

What Makes this Project Unique

TCH was utilized to simultaneously treat eight separate source zones containing chlorinated solvents in tight loess (silt/clay) above the water table. Turn-key unit treatment cost, including all utilities, was $79 per cy.
This project received the 2009 Secretary of Defense Environmental Award.

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