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Wondering if In Situ Thermal Remediation would be appropriate for your site? We would be pleased to conduct a preliminary evaluation of your site-specific conditions. Just fill out any pertinent sections of the following questionnaire, and when complete, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. TerraTherm will follow-up with you to discuss your specific site conditions, and provide information regarding the viability of In Situ Thermal Remediation for your site. Our Privacy Policy


Site Characterization
Type of Contaminant:
Contamination Vertical Extent:
Contaminant Areal Extent:
Depth to Water:
Soil Types:
Permeability / Hydraulic Conductivity:
Structures / Obstruction on Site:
Site Location (city/state)
Regulatory Issues:
State/Federal Agencies Involved:
Regulatory Status:
Other PRPs Involved?:
Target Cleanup Level:
Alternatives Considered:
Other Comments:
Contact Information:
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