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How TerraTherm’s ThinkThermal Website and Data Plotter Connect Clients with Real Time Data

Thermal projects are quick – we often heat and treat a site in less than 6 months.  It is crucial to be on top of all the data and know when it is time to stop, or when to collect confirmatory samples to document performance.  Every day and week counts, so the project team must have immediate access to the data from the field. As an engineer and data manager for TerraTherm, I have found that two of the most useful tools that I have to help keep our project teams and clients up to date are the ThinkThermal.com website … Continue reading

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Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) Monitoring for Estimating Mass Removed

Since 2000, TerraTherm has removed over three million pounds of organic contaminants from the sites we have treated. Many of these sites had yielded too much mass to economically use granular activated carbon as the vapor treatment method. Therefore, we often use thermal oxidizers, using gas and the fuel value of the contaminants to treat the vapors at temperatures of 1500°F (816°C) or higher. The National Fire Protection Agency has mandated continuous monitoring of vapors entering oxidizers when those vapors are expected to be over the 25% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). Additionally, thermal oxidizers generally have a safe upper operable … Continue reading

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Monitoring Extracted and Treated Vapor Streams from a Thermal Remediation Site in Real-Time

Monitoring is an important component to any successful remediation project.  This point is explained further in Steffen Griepke’s previous blog post, “Why Data Management is the Most Underrated Aspect of Thermal Remediation Operations”. The more information you can collect, the better! Conventional portable monitoring instruments, such as a photoionization detector (PID) or flame ionization detector (FID) are relatively inexpensive and convenient, but are unable to detect certain constituents or quantify their presence, especially in hot, moist vapor streams.  This blog post provides an example of a technique TerraTherm is using for selected sites to overcome these limitations. TerraTherm’s FTIR system … Continue reading

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TerraTherm’s Temperature Monitoring System Keeps Clients Well-Informed

TerraTherm has developed an advanced temperature monitoring system that has the ability to let our engineers and our clients know the exact status of their thermal treatment project(s) at all times.  It provides a real-time view of temperature performance throughout the target treatment zone (TTZ), while it measures and stores soil temperature data for the life of the project.  The system provides a great way to increase understanding and share knowledge of the entire cleanup process, while keeping everyone tuned into the same well-informed data.  It is also key to helping us make the fine adjustments that are sometimes required … Continue reading

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