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World’s Largest In Situ Thermal Desorption Project: Challenges and Solutions

TerraTherm and its In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) sublicense holders have cleaned close to 50 sites, but what happens when we are presented with one that is remarkably large with more than 100,000 cubic yards (76,500 m3) of PCE and TCE rich soils to a depth of over 40 feet (12 m)? The site in particular that was presented to TerraTherm was a former aerospace manufacturing facility and had to be remediated in less than a year. Successfully completed by TerraTherm, this site in Teterboro, New Jersey is now the largest ISTD project to date. The redevelopment of this former … Continue reading

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2015 Remediation Workshops – Come and Join Us!

Looking for a way to stay updated on the latest remediation technologies and network with other professionals in the industry, but cannot commit to a traditional three day conference far from home? TerraTherm, a supporter and Gold Sponsor of Remediation Workshops, will be hosting three workshops this year across the United States. The first one will be held on February 3rd in Los Angeles, CA. There will also be one in Milwaukee, WI on October 1st, and another in Boston, MA on November 4th. The workshops will feature educational presentations from remediation industry professionals on various subjects and the opportunity … Continue reading

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Steam Injection Helps – How do we know when to use it?

The subsurface is complex – it may have layers of sand, silt and clay, and some layers have groundwater while others do not. When chemicals are spilled they move down into the subsurface via the paths of least resistance, contaminating all the zones they pass through. So when the distribution of materials and chemicals into the subsurface is this complex, would you think that one heating technology would fit all sites? TerraTherm’s answer is “of course not!” One has to first understand the site well, and then determine the best way to heat a site and how to best extract … Continue reading

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