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Operating at an In Situ Thermal Remediation Site

Seeing a TerraTherm site operate is an extraordinary thing. The view of the stack, faithfully discharging clean water vapor into the air, the metallic chirping of In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) heaters oscillating in their well casings, and the low frequency humming of the treatment equipment truly is a unique experience. The principals of subsurface heating with Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH) are simple, but to actually implement this aggressive source zone treatment technology is another thing altogether. It is impressive to think about how quickly a source area can be treated, when something like 15 years ago, the only other … Continue reading

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What Makes TerraTherm the Worldwide Leader in Thermal Remedation?

What makes a company a great place in which to work? Is it the product or service they provide, where they are located, or the potential for career growth? Or is it all about the compensation? In short, these all play very important roles, but for me, and most of you should agree, what matters most is its people. Sure, our technology is top-notch and our corporate office is located in the HEART of the Northeast. Not to mention, we are flexible to those employees who have a long commute, young children or aging parents. At TerraTherm, we have the … Continue reading

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Welcome World!

Welcome to the official TerraTherm blog we call “Think Thermal: The Blog.” In this blog, we’ll do a number of things to keep you informed about what we are doing, how we’re applying our technologies and about the outstanding team we’ve got here at TerraTherm. We also hope to respond directly to you, our friends, clients, partners and advisers all around the globe. We have a broad spectrum of blog posts coming to you ranging from answers to frequently asked questions, tips for thermal remediation success, insights into the technical aspects of what we do everyday, to opinions on the … Continue reading

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