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Effective Safety Management of ISTR Sites

There are numerous health and safety challenges that can be found on an In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) site.  From performing health risk assessments for hazardous chemicals to identifying and correcting on-site physical hazards or working with and managing a variety of subcontractors, there is an extensive list of safety and regulatory concerns that need to be addressed. Managing these concerns can often appear to be a daunting task, but with a practical, risk-based safety management approach, ISTR can be performed safely, as well as effectively. At TerraTherm, our strong safety management system begins with a commitment to safe work … Continue reading

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Prevention Through Design – Safety First, Last, and Always!

Whenever we discuss the fit for thermal remediation at a given site, there is a natural process that takes place where preconceived perceptions are replaced by better understanding.  Nowhere is that evolution more visible than with regard to the overall topic of safety.  People often enter the conversation with the mistaken opinion that operation of thermal remediation systems might put site workers and surrounding communities at risk to various threats such as chemical exposure from site contaminants and process chemicals, fire or explosion, noise, heat stress, confined space entry, or other physical injury.  However, as the conversation develops, our clients … Continue reading

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