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Welcome to the official TerraTherm blog we call “Think Thermal: The Blog.” In this blog, we’ll do a number of things to keep you informed about what we are doing, how we’re applying our technologies and about the outstanding team we’ve got here at TerraTherm. We also hope to respond directly to you, our friends, clients, partners and advisers all around the globe.

We have a broad spectrum of blog posts coming to you ranging from answers to frequently asked questions, tips for thermal remediation success, insights into the technical aspects of what we do everyday, to opinions on the many topics that arise in this fantastic line of business.

One truly noteworthy thing about the TerraTherm blog: our posts will come from people at all levels and in all sorts of roles at TerraTherm. From the people refining the technology, to performing the installations, to operating the sites and delivering the results, these posts will reflect a unique level of hands on thermal remediation experience.

What do we ask of you?

  • Come along for the ride. Just click here to sign up, and you can subscribe for alerts as to when our newest blogs are posted.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about the blog, spread the word.
  • Keep us on our toes! if you have an opinion or question for us, please chime in and let us hear from you. Want to support or challenge something we have posted, please jump right in. We really want to hear from you.
  • Let us know how we’re doing. We know that these days you’re inundated with random info and social media. So, it’s our job to keep it interesting and relevant. To do that, we need your help to keep us on the right track.

Once again, welcome. We hope you enjoy the blog and that it brings you value and perhaps some entertainment along the way.

About Nate Bierschenk

Nate Bierschenk began working at TerraTherm, Inc. in 2012 as a Marketing Assistant. Since then, Nate has grown into a more technical role and is currently Technical Sales Specialist servicing the Southeast. In addition, Nate is the service line sales lead for TerraTherm's new on-site thermal offering, the Heated-Box or HB1100 approach.
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One Response to Welcome World!

  1. John Bierschenk says:

    The Think Thermal Blog is another milestone for TerraTherm! I look forward to sharing and hearing from people interested in learning more and remaining current on the state of the art in the design, construction and operations of In-Situ Thermal remediation technologies.

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