What Makes TerraTherm the Worldwide Leader in Thermal Remedation?

What makes a company a great place in which to work? Is it the product or service they provide, where they are located, or the potential for career growth? Or is it all about the compensation? In short, these all play very important roles, but for me, and most of you should agree, what matters most is its people. Sure, our technology is top-notch and our corporate office is located in the HEART of the Northeast. Not to mention, we are flexible to those employees who have a long commute, young children or aging parents.

At TerraTherm, we have the greatest people around and for that, we are extremely fortunate. What’s more, we have a fantastic corporate culture.  Our thermal remediation sites are designed, constructed and overseen by a team that does whatever it takes to get the job done. Project managers, engineers, scientists, field operators… Everyone at TerraTherm is excited by the products and services we provide to our clients.

Employees at the Gardner Office Gather for a Group Photo

Employees at the Gardner office gather for a group photo

We all work together and feel that what we are doing is important, innovative and new. This certainly helps cut out the monotony that plagues other jobs. Let’s face it – every job we design, build and operate is different and challenging. Whether it’s the regulations, contaminants, geological features, or client expectations, we are ready to take on the challenge. We consider all of these different aspects on every site so that when we deliver, the client can rest assured knowing we took every angle into consideration, and what they receive is nothing less than spectacular.

Our employees are proud of the work that they do, and you can feel that when you walk through the halls in our Corporate Headquarters in Gardner, Massachusetts, or visit one of our sites. We succeed because we are all ONE team!  We enjoy what we do and the people we work with and we’re appreciated. Our leadership team helps in making us feel that what we do day-to-day is important and part of a larger mission.

TerraTherm is made up of people who like spending time together! There are a great number of fitness enthusiasts who team up to run or bicycle together during lunch times or band together on weekends to run local 5ks, kids included! We have lunchtime cookouts during the year and of course we gather together after work, on weeknights or weekends both, to celebrate various successes or just to have fun!


TerraTherm employees, friends and family gather for a game of Volleyball at a gathering in August

TerraTherm remains the worldwide leader in thermal remediation for a reason – our employees.

If you are interested in working with this fantastic team, check out our Job Openings page, or email hr@terratherm.com.



About Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson has been a member of TerraTherm’s team since 2009. She has worked in a diverse number of roles throughout her career in areas such as marketing, administration, office management, and safety. It’s fitting that Michelle’s current position involves management of human resources since she an absolute people-lover!
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