2017 In Review

As we leave 2017 behind and begin the new year, it is the perfect time to take a step back from our busy day-to-day operations and look at all that we have accomplished in the past twelve months.

2017 was a busy year for TerraTherm, implementing all 3 of our thermal remediation technologies (Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) and Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE)), including several sites involving combinations of technologies.  In 2017, TerraTherm implemented 13 thermal remediation projects in 5 states across the US and 6 projects across 4 international countries. In early 2018, TerraTherm will be preparing a number of jobs for field implementation across the country as well as internationally. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for more information about our upcoming projects.

Stronger ERH Capabilities

During the first quarter of 2017, our parent company, Cascade, acquired another Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) provider, Global Remediation Solutions, Inc. (GRS).  The staff of the GRS team brings decades more ERH implementation experience to our team. This new addition to our ERH team greatly strengthened our ability to provide tailored, unbiased thermal remediation project designs. You can read more about the acquisition of GRS here.

International Partnerships

Things did not slow down for TerraTherm after the excitement of the first quarter. The close of the second quarter marked the beginning of a new international partnership with Clean Environmental Brasil (Clean). Clean is a leading distributor of instrumentation and remediation products in Brazil, with a strong engineering and field implementation arm.  This partnership allows Clean to deliver design, implementation and operation of in-situ and ex-situ on-site thermal remediation systems with the full support of the TerraTherm team. This partnership is important and full of potential for us because it comes at a time when complex remediation challenges in Brazil require proven technical capability and experience.  Our combined team secured our first project win later in the year and is planning to implement a field pilot demonstration in early 2018.


As the year progressed into the third quarter, so did the scope of our international partnerships. In August, TerraTherm entered into an MOU with Nelson Environmental Remediation, Ltd. of Spruce Grove Alberta, Canada. The MOU is a first step toward a formal sublicense agreement, granting Nelson rights to use our patented technology in Canada.  Nelson is a leader in implementing ex-situ thermal remediation with a large fleet of equipment and skilled workforce with experience in Canada, the US and around the world.  The partnership with Nelson is an exciting one for us because we now have one of the most experienced ex-situ thermal remediation leaders delivering our world class proprietary thermal technologies.



2017 was also the year where our Japanese partner SheGoTec was awarded their first field-scale remediation project. TerraTherm is supporting SheGoTec with design and equipment fabrication as well as on-site construction and operation support, with ISTD heating operations beginning in early 2018. .

Kruger, our partner in Europe, also had a busy year. One highlight was the successful finalization of the Virum remediation project in Denmark. Kruger also conducted a laboratory treatability test of thermal remediation for mercury contamination with support from the Danish EPA. Successful treatability test in their laboratory will be followed by a pilot scale remediation in a 25 m3 test cell on site in Spring 2018.

Looking Ahead

Now that 2018 is here, it is time for us to start planning ahead for all of the exciting things that this year will hold! We have a number of great initiatives lined up for 2018.

Combined Remedies –With all of the in-house drilling, site characterization and remediation technologies and services readily available to TerraTherm us as a result of being part of the Cascade family, we have the unique ability to provide our clients with solutions perfectly tailored to their specific projects. In 2018, continued development of our combined remedies tool box will continue to be an important focus for us so we can continue to offer our clients the most cost-effective solutions for their sites.

Battelle – Be on the lookout for our booth at this year’s Battelle’s Chlorinated Conference in Palm Springs, CA!  This conference is the one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive meetings on the application of innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring and management of chlorinated and complex sites. This year it will take place April 8th through the 12th. You can find out more information here.

Make sure you sign up for our quarterly newsletter, blog posts and webinars if you want to get updates on all the exciting things we have planned for 2018.

Call 978-730-1200 or email us at info@terratherm.com us if you have a challenging remediation problem that you would like to discuss – We’d love to help!

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