How We Use Hazard Recognition Tools to Help Eliminate Incidents On-Site

Cascade Obsidian Award

Obsidian Award

No matter where you are, you’ll always hear that saying, “There is no ‘I’ in Safety”.  This statement could not be any more true, especially here at TerraTherm. For us, safety is a total “Team” effort, from the top of the management team, to the employees in the field.  Safety is paramount for our success in all of our projects, and it shows in our safety record. With zero OSHA recordable incidents or lost days for 2016, TerraTherm was recently awarded the Cascade Environmental, LLC’s (Cascade) Obsidian Award. This award is given to the Cascade business units that achieve no recordable incidents in a given year.

So how does TerraTherm continue to keep lost time incidents in check?

Keeping employees safe is a fundamental aspect of any successful project, not only in regards to the financial impacts or lost working days, but also for securing future projects. We strive to educate all of our staff on the best safe work practices and give them the tools to recognize hazards before they become an incident.  Through hazard recognition and control, we can stop an accident from occurring.

Cascade Cards

One of the hazard recognition tools we are consistently using is the Cascade Card. This program allows employees to identify, correct and document potential hazards in one easy to fill out, electronic form. Our clients also have access to fill out and submit Cascade Cards, which allows them to be active participants in our safety program as well.

Repetitious use of the Cascade Card system trains our employees to recognize and address potential hazards as they occur and has had proven success in reducing incidents at our sites, allowing us to achieve the safety record we hold today.

Online Cascade Card Form (Click to enlarge)

How Can Clients Participate in the Cascade Card Program?

We encourage our clients to be active in the use the Cascade Card system.  Anytime they see a potential hazard, or want to recognize our employees for their efforts to mitigate potential hazards, they can do so by filling out and submitting a card.  The cards can be submitted through the Cascade website.  Any of our highly trained employees on site are always available to answer questions about this or any of our other safety programs.

Through the constant recognition of potential hazards, ongoing training, ensuring best practices, and working closely with our clients, TerraTherm will continue to provide the safest in-situ remedial technologies in the world.

Click here to access the Cascade Card form.

About Scott Colagross

Mr. Colagross, Site Safety Officer and Lead Operator, has over 13 years of experience as a lead operator, site supervisor, and project administrator on thermal remediation projects for private, industrial, and government clients. He also has an additional 7 years of experience in chemical plant operations. Mr. Colagross joined the TerraTherm Team in 2012.
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