TerraTherm Enjoys Rapid Growth as ISTR Gains Industry Acceptance

Recently, TerraTherm was featured in Environmental Business Journal’s 2015 Remediation issue. The article, “TerraTherm Enjoys Rapid Growth as ISTR Gains Industry Acceptance,” features an interview with TerraTherm co-founder, CEO and President, John Bierschenk. TerraTherm has grown its revenue nearly three-fold to greater than $30 million over the prior three years. By diversifying its project portfolios and building a strong backlog of upcoming projects, our strong growth rate will continue in 2015, reflecting an expanding demand for quick, predictable and cost effective remediation solutions.

Mr. Bierschenk cites overall industry acceptance of ISTR technologies since they first emerged from the enhanced oil recovery field back in the 1980s as a portion of TerraTherm’s recent success. ISTR wasn’t always viewed as practical early on, but with TerraTherm and ISTR’s successful track record, that perception has changed. Other reasons for TerraTherm’s success include their ability to use all three of the most commonly accepted ISTR technologies (TCH, ERH, SEE) alone, or in combinations without bias towards any single technology, a service only TerraTherm provides.

The article continues to touch on TerraTherm’s large-scale applications of thermal technologies, their entrance into non-U.S. markets, and their emerging “Tier One” pricing program for smaller-scale, commodity-type sites.

The entire article is available to download, free of charge.

EBJ Article Preview. Click image to access entire article.

EBJ Article Preview. Click image to access entire article.

Let us know in the comment section below what you believe has contributed to the success of TerraTherm and the ISTR industry at large.

About Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen received her MS in Marketing from University of Aalborg, Denmark in 2004 and has been a member of Team TerraTherm since 2013. As TerraTherm’s Marketing and Business Development Manager Ms. Hansen is, besides being the daily manager for the sales team, overseeing all marketing activities, planning workshops, conferences and webinars .
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