Webinar Recordings: Vapor Treatment Optimization Approaches and Thermal Treatment – Challenges and Solutions

In case you missed the last two installments of TerraTherm’s educational webinar series, you can now watch the recorded presentations.

Vapor Treatment Optimization Approaches: Safe and Effective Compliance Strategies


Presented by TerraTherm’s Engineering Manager, Steve McInerney, P.E., on May 28th, 2015, this webinar covers optimization strategies for treating vapors recovered during thermal remediation operations. The discussion focuses on a range of vapor-phase operating conditions encountered during both low temperature and high temperature thermal operations, and methods to limit total capital and operating cost impacts to a project. Safe and efficient vapor conditioning and treatment approaches that are routinely employed to ensure cost effective vapor discharge compliance are also discussed.

Thermal Treatment – Challenges and Solutions


Presented by TerraTherm’s Principal Engineer and Technical Director, Steffen Griepke Nielsen, and recorded on June 30th, 2015, this webinar covers site conditions that have presented challenges during the design and implementation of thermal treatment.

The following issues are covered and backed up with project examples from several thermal sites:

  1. Corrosion of well-field materials due to the presence of certain chemicals (sites in Colorado and California),
  2.  Large chemical mass loading of effluent treatment system (sites in California and Connecticut),
  3. Groundwater influx and resulting cooling and impact on hydraulic control (sites in California, New York), and
  4. Condensation of contaminants near the surface at sites where an insulated cover was required (sites in California, Massachusetts and Denmark).

Most of these challenges are solved at the design stage.  In addition, proper data analysis on a nearly real-time basis during operation results in an early understanding of major operational issues, such that the proper actions can be taken expeditiously to mitigate the unexpected issues.

During this webinar, challenges and solutions are identified and discussed, along with suggestions for future refinement of the data needed to improve the predictions.

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About Nate Bierschenk

Nate Bierschenk began working at TerraTherm, Inc. in 2012 as a Marketing Assistant. Since then, Nate has grown into a more technical role and is currently Technical Sales Specialist servicing the Southeast. In addition, Nate is the service line sales lead for TerraTherm's new on-site thermal offering, the Heated-Box or HB1100 approach.
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