TerraTherm’s Continued Growth in 2014: A Year in Review

The application of In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) for treatment of subsurface contaminants continued to grow in 2014. With the emergence of ISTR as a proven source area remediation tool and with the number of projects increasing rapidly worldwide, comes the rumbling of a paradigm shift in the remediation industry. Only 20 years ago, it would have seemed impossible to remediate the types of sites that are currently being treated with ISTR to the same degree that we are now consistently doing. Throughout our nearly 15 years of operation, TerraTherm has been a solution for clients who wish to quickly, quietly and effectively eliminate the liabilities associated with owing contaminated sites. Our clients have received No Further Action letters, terminated Pump and Treat systems that had or were expected to continue operating for decades, and successfully redeveloped these properties. We continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what ISTR technologies are capable of. The purpose of this blog post is to take a step back from day-to-day operations and look at what TerraTherm has accomplished in the past year.

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In 2014, TerraTherm and our partners were in field construction on nine project sites throughout the United States and abroad, began treatment operations at six of them, and completed treatment at four by year-end. Things are not slowing down anytime soon with operations of seven projects beginning in 2015.

This past year, TerraTherm has continued to receive accolades from ZweigWhite (now Zweig Group) by once again appearing on the “Hot Firms List” placing 20th of the top 100 fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the United States and Canada. TerraTherm also became one of Zweig Group’s “2014 Best Firms to Work For,” placing 5th in the Environmental category and 33rd overall.

TerraTherm continued to show innovation and our commitment to efficiency and cost-competitiveness by introducing our “Tier One” pricing option. Tier One is about modularizing and standardizing our treatment systems and procedures to reduce the time and costs needed to deliver our services. The approach to streamlining our processes is not limited to our Tier One option, but one that has been taken to heart by the TerraTherm team who early in the year went through a process to determine how efficiencies could be improved and the cost reductions passed on to our clients.

As the most trusted advisor and thought leader within the ISTR industry, we increased our client education program and invested significant effort producing a webinar and blog series in 2014. Our most popular webinars from 2014 are recorded and available for viewing on our website. Our most popular webinars over the past year include:

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Our company blog is written completely in-house drawing from TerraTherm’s 75 employees who represent years of industry expertise. Because there are so many facets to an ISTR project, our blog series offers our readers the broadest and most comprehensive lessons-learned details available in the ISTR industry. Our most popular blog posts of 2014 include:

Education and thought leadership will continue as a cornerstone of our value proposition and a focus of our efforts moving forward. In 2015 we will host the Remediation Workshop at three different cities throughout the year, and present at others. These workshops offer us a wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face with remediation professionals and deliver insightful and technical presentations about the advances and applications of thermal remediation technologies. Stay tuned for an updated schedule of dates and locations where you can meet TerraTherm next year.

We hope you find these communications useful, and that you continue to “Think Thermal” when evaluating your remediation needs. Feel free to contact me at any time at jbierschenk@terratherm.com or (978) 730-1212.

Stay safe and happy holidays!


About John Bierschenk

John Bierschenk, is TerraTherm's Co-Founder and President. Mr. Bierschenk has overall responsibility for strategic and general management of the company. He has authored papers and several patents related to in-situ thermal remediation. Mr. Bierschenk also serves as Principal-In-Charge on projects. Experience includes 30 years of technical, strategic and business management experience in the environmental; including 10 years as an environmental consultant with ENSR Consulting and Engineering; and the general manager of ORS Environmental Equipment (a division of GTI). Holds a BS in Geology and an MBA; formerly a Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania (USA), and an LSP in Massachusetts. He serves as a Senior VP and officer of Cascade Environmental, in that role he is focused on providing clients with value-added thermal remediation solutions integrating the full service capabilities of Cascade.
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