Teterboro, NJ – The Biggest In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) Site in the World – Remediation Completed!

The Teterboro Landing Site in New Jersey was historically used for manufacturing precision aerospace components. The site is located adjacent to Teterboro Airport and less than 10 miles from Manhattan and New York City. TerraTherm was contracted in November 2011 to remediate an area that was impacted with Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (CVOCs). The total volume of the In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) treatment area was 122,300 cubic yards.

The thermal remediation system designed, built and operated by TerraTherm included a wellfield with a total of 907 Thermal Conduction Heater (TCH) wells, 35 Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) wells, 116 horizontal Vapor Extraction Wells (VEWs), (with a total combined length of 5,407 linear feet), 80 temperature monitoring points, and 25 pressure monitoring points. The vapor and liquid treatment system included a Thermal Oxidizer and acid gas scrubber, an air stripping tower and granular activated carbon.

Teterboro NJ Terratherm Proccess Equipment

Teterboro, NJ ISTD wellfield and treatment equipment

TerraTherm achieved the remedial goals at this 3.2 acre site and demobilized before the end of 2013. This significant achievement was made possible by a well‐balanced team approach toward achieving a common goal.

The source zone was divided into four quadrants with differing treatment depths, each heated simultaneously using TCH wells. Five different depths were selected across the area, in accordance with the depth of CVOC  impact. Prior to implementation, a risk and optimization study prompted installation of a vertical sheet‐pile wall around the treatment zone to minimize groundwater flow, and a pilot test of a novel direct‐drive method for installation of the heater casings. Due to the shallow water table, four feet of clean fill was placed over the treatment zone, and partial dewatering was necessary prior to heating. Because of the large area, three electrical transformers were placed around the perimeter, delivering power to the heaters. The heaters were placed inside small‐diameter steel pipes installed using a direct‐push approach, at a cost substantially less than that of drilled holes (this is a unique feature of ISTD – the heaters fit inside 3‐inch diameter pipes). A network of vertical MPE wells and horizontal VEWs was used to establish hydraulic and pneumatic control, and the extracted liquid and vapor was treated in a process system that included a thermal oxidizer. The site was split into four decision units, each with a rigorous confirmatory soil sampling program, targeting reduction to below 1 mg/kg for the CVOCs (which was achieved). Timing of the sampling events was triggered by temperature monitoring and mass removal trends. Eventually, a small area near the center of the site required the installation of four additional heaters before the soil goals were reached. Over 30,000 lbs of contaminants were removed from the soil using ISTD treatment and destroyed by thermal oxidation.

Working closely with our client, we were able to design, mobilize, construct, operate, and demobilize in less than two years. Commercial redevelopment of the property is now underway.

The wellfield at Teterboro, NJ

The wellfield at Teterboro, NJ

The following is an excerpt from a letter we received from our client soon after completion of the project:

“I wanted to write to thank you and the rest of your TerraTherm team for your work on this important project. Your company was a pleasure to deal with. You clearly understand your business and the application of the thermal technology to the remediation of chlorinated organic compounds. I found your company to be thoughtful, responsive and capable. The objectives for the project were clearly defined at the outset and contractually structured so everyone was clear what was going to take place. The treatment objectives were successfully met within the timeframe that was established at the beginning of the project”

Steven Campbell, Senior Vice President
Head of Global Environmental, Engineering and Sustainability

About Ken Parker

Ken Parker has over 20 years of professional leadership in Pollution Control Equipment Design and Manufacturing, Project Management of pilot tests and full scale, remedial designs, and remedial actions involving in-situ treatment of soils and groundwater, including a wide range of technologies such as thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction, air stripping, thermal oxidation, multiphase extraction, and in-situ thermal desorption. As Project Manager, Mr. Parker has successfully completed thermal remediation projects in New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.
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