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Moving Environmental Equipment – Logistics Done the Right Way at TerraTherm

A prodigious level of activity, intense excitement, as well as a bit of angst can precede the start of any big project. We’ve recently been experiencing all of that at TerraTherm! We reached the point in the schedule where two of our projects required the treatment equipment to be delivered almost simultaneously. Ten tractor-trailer loads of remediation equipment needed to be moved to our two, separate New England sites in the same month. All told, nearly six million dollars’ worth of equipment had to be staged, loaded, and transported to both locations in a matter of two weeks. One of … Continue reading

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Operating at an In Situ Thermal Remediation Site

Seeing a TerraTherm site operate is an extraordinary thing. The view of the stack, faithfully discharging clean water vapor into the air, the metallic chirping of In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) heaters oscillating in their well casings, and the low frequency humming of the treatment equipment truly is a unique experience. The principals of subsurface heating with Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH) are simple, but to actually implement this aggressive source zone treatment technology is another thing altogether. It is impressive to think about how quickly a source area can be treated, when something like 15 years ago, the only other … Continue reading

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Prevention Through Design – Safety First, Last, and Always!

Whenever we discuss the fit for thermal remediation at a given site, there is a natural process that takes place where preconceived perceptions are replaced by better understanding.  Nowhere is that evolution more visible than with regard to the overall topic of safety.  People often enter the conversation with the mistaken opinion that operation of thermal remediation systems might put site workers and surrounding communities at risk to various threats such as chemical exposure from site contaminants and process chemicals, fire or explosion, noise, heat stress, confined space entry, or other physical injury.  However, as the conversation develops, our clients … Continue reading

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5 Compelling Reasons Why Thermal Remediation’s Global Footprint is Rapidly Expanding

After attending the AquaConSoil conference in Barcelona, Spain last week, I’m struck by the impact that thermal remediation is having around the globe.  Until a few decades ago, In-Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) was only confined to R&D projects by a few major oil companies, notably Shell.  Today, ISTR has become mainstream remediation technology in the USA and is routinely considered for grossly contaminated properties. Global awareness and implementation are also accelerating, with applications documented on four continents. At AquaConSoil, an entire session was dedicated to thermal remediation.  TerraTherm also participated in two thermal remediation workshops organized by Krüger and TAUW, … Continue reading

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