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Ms. Kelly Clemons is a Technical Sales Representative at TerraTherm. Ms. Clemons currently manages technical sales inquires, treatability studies, and participates in related conceptual design development and report writing. To request information about a potential site please feel free to contact her at

In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) Market Trends

Through recent competitive proposals it has become obvious that the ISTR market is trending towards a more competitive, commodity-style product. While TerraTherm often ranks high on quality and approach, there is an obvious need to reduce base pricing in order to stay competitive for the smaller, more straightforward sites. Tier One Pricing Solution: TerraTherm’s history of uninterrupted success provides an impetus for clients (e.g., Federal, State, and Private) to consider TerraTherm’s Tier One solution for ISTR sites. Tier One offers a simpler and more streamlined In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) project delivery approach, focusing on essential project elements and price … Continue reading

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Which Thermal Technology is Right for your Site?

So you’ve done your homework and feel that thermal may be a good fit for your site.  Now it’s time to determine the thermal technology or combination of technologies that will best accomplish cleanup goals.  There are three predominant thermal technologies in the industry:  Steam enhanced extraction (SEE); resistive heating in the form of electrical resistive heating (ERH); and thermal conduction heating (TCH), which combined with vacuum extraction is known as in-situ thermal desorption (ISTD).  When selecting a thermal technology the following key items need to be understood: Boiling points, vapor pressures, and water solubility of the contaminants: For volatile … Continue reading

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How to Determine if Thermal Remediation is a Good Fit for your Site

More people than ever are choosing Thermal technologies to remediate a wide variety of sites these days.  While quite a few in the industry have gained experience in selecting sites for thermal, many are still learning about it and have questions about the criteria that make a site a great fit. So, this blog post is intended to provide a few fundamental questions to help you determine if thermal is right for your site: Are the Contaminants right for Thermal Remediation? If they are organic compounds or mercury, Thermal technologies are applicable.  For instance, we have had 100% success in … Continue reading

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