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About Anthony Caravella

Anthony Caravella joined TerraTherm in 2014 as a Data Manager after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) that same year with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Soon after joining TerraTherm, Mr. Caravella took over a leading role in TerraTherm's temperature monitoring systems. He has been involved in the procurement, testing and installation of nearly all temperature monitoring systems for TerraTherm's remediation projects as well as data analysis of the operational data. As part of his data management role, he oversaw the transition of the TerraTherm database to a cloud database to ensure better data flow for all data managers.

Temperature Monitoring Matters

As a thermal remediation company, one of our most important factors to keep track of during operation is the subsurface temperature. The subsurface temperature is one of the main parameters used to determine how close to or far from reaching our treatment goals we are. Typical contracts require us to meet certain subsurface temperature requirements before confirmatory soil sampling can begin. This means we need a reliable temperature monitoring system so we can determine when a site has reached its goals. Thermocouples vs. Fiber Optics In the past, thermal vendors have been using thermocouples (typically Type T or Type K) … Continue reading

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