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Amber is a Data Manager and Subsurface Designer at TerraTherm, Inc. She keeps the project management team informed of projects’ statuses by monitoring and processing real-time operational data that comes in from the field. She was awarded a degree in Geology from Hampshire College, MA in 2015. She has a background in numerical modeling of lake temperatures and groundwater flow. She assists in the subsurface design and numerical modeling of steam and TCH during the early design phases of ISTR projects.

New Frontiers for In Situ Thermal Remediation: Using High Resolution Site Characterization to Improve Conceptual Site Model Accuracy and Lower Project Costs

As a Cascade Company, one of the major benefits TerraTherm is able to extend to our clients is a whole new suite of capabilities that we now have more readily available to us. These capabilities allow us to better define the target treatment zone (TTZ) and Conceptual Site Models (CSM), enabling us to minimize cost for treatment while ensuring that all of the source material is treated. This not only saves our clients money, but it also limits future liability associated with any missed source materials outside of the TTZ. One of the capabilities we have available to us is an … Continue reading

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What’s the Temperature? Thermal Modeling and its Importance in Thermal Remediation

What is a model? A beautiful person who struts down a run way, a scaled down sculpture of the Empire State Building, or a series of equations that describe some phenomenon? Did you guess all of the above? Gold star! Models come in many different shapes and sizes. In the environmental consulting and remediation industry, the word “model” often refers to a numerical model. Numerical models are tools that we use to better understand a system. They can be used to make predictions and to test hypotheses. The thermal models that we customize and construct in house at TerraTherm are … Continue reading

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