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Mr. McInerney has over 29 years of experience in the environmental engineering fields. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell (formerly University of Lowell). Mr. McInerney developed and commercialized a high temperature thermal desorption process for contaminated soils, sediments, and industrial wastes. He specializes in remediation and industrial wastewater and vapor treatment system design and construction. He has served as an Operations Manager and Chief Engineer for a nationwide portfolio of 40+ active remediation sites. Mr. McInerney is TerraTherm’s Engineering Department Manager and Process Engineering Discipline Leader, and holds Professional Engineering licenses in multiple jurisdictions.

Liquid Granular Activated Carbon System Design Considerations

When developing a liquid treatment system design at TerraTherm, we keep in mind that the system will be temporary and have an overall short duration; typically 12 months or less. This means that we need to design and select a process configuration that minimizes the cost of meeting applicable discharge requirements. Cost elements taken into consideration include: To design the most cost-effective treatment system for each project, we rely on site owners and their consultants to provide detailed soil and groundwater characterization and identify the specific discharge requirements that will apply to the thermal remediation program. Liquid phase activated carbon … Continue reading

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Successful Projects Start with a Comprehensive Design Basis

You wouldn’t build a house without first laying a solid foundation, right? If you did, in all likelihood, the end result would not meet your expectations. The same can be said for the execution of a thermal remediation project. A design basis sets the foundation for a successful thermal project by clearly defining the problem to be solved, identifies a specific solution approach, and gets all project stakeholders on the same page regarding how the project will be executed. The development and documentation of a comprehensive design basis is a necessary first step for all remediation projects undertaken by TerraTherm. … Continue reading

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