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About Ralph Baker

Dr. Ralph Baker is one of the founders of TerraTherm, Inc. He has the overall responsibility for TerraTherm’s application and development of the ISTD technology and leads many of its business development efforts. As the CEO of TerraTherm throughout its first decade, Dr. Baker led the company’s early development and application of the ISTD technology. Dr. Baker is a soil physicist with over 30 years of experience, and has authored over 60 publications on in-situ remediation.

Why I Drive a Tesla

Over the past 2 ½ years, TerraTherm employees and visitors alike have commented on the car I park outside the office, a Tesla Model S all-electric sedan.  “How do you like the car?” “Cool car!” and “How’s it do in the winter?” are commonly heard, and I love talking about it, and giving folks rides, since it truly is a wonderful car: fast, agile, great looking, quiet, safe and reliable.  Its 200-mile range, combined with the ever-growing number of Tesla Superchargers nationwide, has enabled me to drive it as far as New York and New Jersey on occasion, and someday … Continue reading

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Dwindling Water Resources and TerraTherm’s Role

After the air we must breathe, water is the most essential resource on the planet, but one that is becoming increasingly scarce in many places. How can that be, when nearly three quarters of Earth is covered with water? During a seminar that my former Ph.D. advisor, Daniel Hillel presented at UMass-Amherst during a rare visit he made there this week, he focused on the huge challenges we face as the world’s population grows and our available water resources, finite to begin with, become degraded or less abundant. His topic resonated with me as an environmental scientist, and as a … Continue reading

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In-Pile Thermal Desorption® (IPTD®) Animation at Danang Airport, Vietnam

In February 2013, the U.S. Agency for International Development awarded a $37M contract to TerraTherm to carry out thermal remediation of dioxin at Vietnam’s Danang Airport. TerraTherm’s remediation technology is playing a vital role in the U.S.-funded project’s efforts to clean up dioxin contamination in areas of Danang airport where herbicides were stored and handled during the U.S.-Vietnam War. USAID is working in close coordination with the Government of Vietnam and other contractors to implement this ongoing project through 2016. USAID selected TerraTherm’s In-Pile Thermal Desorption® (IPTD®) technology for treatment of approximately 73,000 cubic meters (95,000 cubic yards) of soil and sediment … Continue reading

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FAQ: Why TerraTherm Chose Electric Heaters Over Gas-Fired

When you consider precision heating, simplicity, reusability, low maintenance, carbon footprint, and safety, TerraTherm’s electric heaters beat gas heaters on all counts. Here’s why; TerraTherm evaluated electric and gas-fired heaters early on, and concluded that in-well electric heaters are the better choice. We compared the two because many of TerraTherm’s Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) ISTD patents are broadly written with respect to the means of heating, and would permit the use of any of a number of potential heating means. We concluded that electric heaters are the best choice for the following reasons: TerraTherm’s electric heaters deliver a pre-determined wattage over … Continue reading

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TerraTherm’s Major Milestones

For this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to provide a brief visual representation of some of TerraTherm’s major milestones have been over the years. Note that in the video below, the events/milestones are in chronological order, and not ranked by value of importance. Thank you for your interest, and be sure to subscribe to the new TerraTherm blog for new content. -Ralph Baker

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