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About Ken Parker

Ken Parker has over 20 years of professional leadership in Pollution Control Equipment Design and Manufacturing, Project Management of pilot tests and full scale, remedial designs, and remedial actions involving in-situ treatment of soils and groundwater, including a wide range of technologies such as thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction, air stripping, thermal oxidation, multiphase extraction, and in-situ thermal desorption. As Project Manager, Mr. Parker has successfully completed thermal remediation projects in New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

I think most of us work to earn money to pay the bills.  How much of our time is devoted to this effort?  It is reasonable that a comfortable “balance” exists between work and personal life but just what does that mean?  To me it means a stress free life.  There are certain “jobs” that require our attention around the clock and throughout the calendar (24/7 in hip-speak). A Project Manager’s job at TerraTherm would fall under this category. We must work day and night and always be available in order to ensure the projects run smoothly. There are other … Continue reading

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Project Management – What is it and why do we care so much?

Those of us who practice project management are always focused on delivery of successful results, but we are usually even more focused on the crucial steps involved to achieve those results. Following a process based on proven best practices is a methodology adhered to by Professional Project Managers. I became a Project Manager at TerraTherm in 2002, and since then have successfully completed thermal remediation projects in Alabama, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. In 2011, I was certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). This post is a brief … Continue reading

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Teterboro, NJ – The Biggest In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) Site in the World – Remediation Completed!

The Teterboro Landing Site in New Jersey was historically used for manufacturing precision aerospace components. The site is located adjacent to Teterboro Airport and less than 10 miles from Manhattan and New York City. TerraTherm was contracted in November 2011 to remediate an area that was impacted with Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (CVOCs). The total volume of the In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) treatment area was 122,300 cubic yards. The thermal remediation system designed, built and operated by TerraTherm included a wellfield with a total of 907 Thermal Conduction Heater (TCH) wells, 35 Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) wells, 116 horizontal Vapor … Continue reading

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