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About Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson has been a member of TerraTherm’s team since 2009. She has worked in a diverse number of roles throughout her career in areas such as marketing, administration, office management, and safety. It’s fitting that Michelle’s current position involves management of human resources since she an absolute people-lover!

What Makes TerraTherm the Worldwide Leader in Thermal Remedation?

What makes a company a great place in which to work? Is it the product or service they provide, where they are located, or the potential for career growth? Or is it all about the compensation? In short, these all play very important roles, but for me, and most of you should agree, what matters most is its people. Sure, our technology is top-notch and our corporate office is located in the HEART of the Northeast. Not to mention, we are flexible to those employees who have a long commute, young children or aging parents. At TerraTherm, we have the … Continue reading

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