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Steffen is involved in the front end designs at TerraTherm. He is responsible for the subsurface designs, including the numerical steam and TCH modeling conducted in the early design phase of our projects. In addition, he leads up TerraTherm´s data management efforts, and develops tools and systems allowing real time client access for operational data during operation of our thermal projects. Steffen has been a member of TerraTherm’s team since 2008.

Vapor Cover for Thermal Treatment – Why and When Is It Needed?

Have you ever wondered why most of TerraTherm’s sites are covered with a freshly installed cover? This blog post presents the reasoning – why the investment in a relatively expensive vapor cover may be the key to a successful remedy and how you may be taking a major risk if you decide to save the money and not install one properly. In situ thermal treatment typically involves heating the subsurface to 100-335oC and extracting the vaporized contaminants using vacuum wells. A vapor cover is used to: Limit the infiltration of rain water into the treatment area. Create a vapor tight … Continue reading

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Why Data Management is the Most Underrated Aspect of Thermal Remediation Operations

There are those who think data management sounds boring.  What could be less stimulating than numbers in columns and rows?  But to anyone who needs to know exactly what is going on in the soil, these data are about the most interesting and exciting news around.  No, I’m not saying that us soil nerds are easily amused, I’m saying that those process numbers and field data reveal trends that tell a detailed story and provide actionable information that may streamline the path to completion.  When it comes to optimizing a thermal remediation project, data management, along with a lot of … Continue reading

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