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TerraTherm Sustainability Policy

TerraTherm endorses and contributes to the efforts of the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) in working to define sustainability and social responsibility as they relate to site cleanup.

TerraTherm strives to establish and maintain a leadership role in the evolution of sustainable remediation through continuous improvement in all operational aspects.

Ancillary environmental impacts from cleanups

Our technologies prevent migration of contaminants from the site. In addition, since there is no excavation or transportation of materials, airborne contaminants, dust, and noise are virtually non-existent. Treatment of collected gases is thorough with odorless and clean vapor emissions. As a result, our technologies prevent ancillary environmental impacts.

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

TerraTherm’s technologies employ electrical power.  Since our project cycles are short and predictable, total energy use is well defined and the need for repeated applications or long-term operations and maintenance is eliminated; therefore, remediation is rapid and is inherently more sustainable than potential trial-and-error approaches that may use more resources, delay redevelopment, put Greenfields at risk of development, and create more emissions in the long run.

TerraTherm has been successful in steadily increasing the energy efficiency of our technologies through R&D and innovation.  

The rapid and final site cleanup advantages, extremely high level of safety, cleanliness of our operations, and low community impact combine to make in situ thermal remediation a logical and leading choice for sustainability. These factors greatly outweigh the slight carbon impact incurred in the use of electrical power.

Preservation of natural resources and maximization of land reuse to preserve undeveloped areas

Undeveloped lands play an important role in mitigating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Among the most efficient ways to prevent undeveloped lands from being committed to industrial use is to revitalize and clean Brownfields for reuse in a timely and predictable manner.  The rapid and predictable results of in situ thermal remediation ensure the redevelopment of Brownfields on a fixed timeline, thereby reducing urban sprawl and preserving Greenfields. No other remediation technology achieves this sustainability goal as quickly or completely as in situ thermal remediation.

Permanent elimination of contamination

In situ thermal remediation is proven to be uniquely effective in the elimination and stabilization of contaminants. Results consistently demonstrate the achievement of site cleanup goals even to drinking water standards (where applicable). Through carefully engineered and controlled processes, permanent remediation is measurable and ensured through in situ destruction, desorption, stabilization, and/or extraction of contaminants. In addition, mobilization of contaminants is prevented by these processes, ensuring the safety of adjacent water supplies. No other remediation technology has proven more effective in the permanent elimination of contaminants.

Public and contractor safety and health during and after the project

TerraTherm has maintained an impeccable safety record throughout its history. Further, it can be said that in situ thermal remediation is inherently safer than other methods because little or no dust, heavy vehicle movement, chemical use, harmful emissions, or noise are consequential to the process. In this way, threats to public and contractor health that are common to excavation, chemical treatment, and some other purportedly “green” methods are eliminated or greatly reduced.

Recycling of materials

TerraTherm endeavors to reuse, refurbish, and recycle materials to the fullest extent possible. We have found that refurbishing process equipment to fully restore it to useful life is both economical and safe. It also provides reductions in ancillary life cycle costs (resource extraction, manufacturing, shipping, etc.) Our aim is to exemplify the principal of “waste not, want not.”



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